Artist of life

Artist of life

Artist of life 1080 1079 Daisy Baets

Artist of life

We are art itself…
We don’t need to be fixed,

In understanding, accepting and allowing yourself to be, The beautiful You,

Miracles take place.

We are all beautiful broken messed up,
We are all human BEings
What goes up most comes down…
What goes down most come up


Without the nigth, the day wouldn’t even exist.

Your broken messed up fragile heart,
They are a part of the uniquely magnificent authentic human, in his fully existence.

Gravity learns us to get back up,
after we fall,

every time we fall,
It is a gift,
The gift of stillness, peacefulness.


We can fall magnificently,
Roll over and enjoy…
From another point of view.

The perfectly imperfect,

Life, earth, you…
They ask us just one thing…

To live into it, fully,
Don’t die when you’re still living…
Don’t just exist,Live.

We only got today
In the both of our hands,

Gentle, calm and so sweet…

We are art…
Art asked to be showed,
In his greatness, loveliness,…

Art wasn’t meant to be perfect…

It was meant to be felt in all his ecstasy.

Love in all his colors and shapes,